2015 Simcoe North by-election

A by-election has been called for the electoral district of Simcoe-North. Election day is September 3, 2015.

By-Election Night Results: Simcoe North

Top Recommendations by the Chief Electoral Officer

In his report on the 2014 general election, Chief Electoral Officer, Greg Essensa, urges the government to take immediate action on his top three recommendations to improve Ontario’s electoral process:

Improve the Voter’s List, Level the Playing Field and Plan for the Future (150KB PDF)


The Chief Electoral Officer’s Report
on Apparent Contraventions of the Election Act.


The Chief Electoral Officer has tabled a report on apparent contraventions of the Election Act (1.2 MB PDF). The report can be downloaded in pdf accessible format.

The report contains the original complaints as received by the Chief Electoral Officer. To receive copies of the complaints in French or Word format, please contact us at info@elections.on.ca




Post Event Report

Managing Ontario’s 41st General Election (2.7MB PDF)


2014 General Election Official Results

The official election results include the poll by poll and summaries of all of the votes cast on polling night. 

These results are official and have been tabled by the Chief Electoral Officer on Tuesday, January 6, 2015


What is a Writ?


A writ is the official document, signed by the Chief Electoral Officer and the Lieutenant Governor, requiring Returning Officers to hold an election. During by-elections, a writ is issued for the electoral district(s) where an election will be called. When a general election is called, a writ is issued for each of the 107 electoral districts in Ontario. Once the Premier and the Cabinet have prepared an Order in Council and that has been signed by the Lieutenant Governor (the Lieutenant Governor in Council), our office prepares the writs of election.




Pictured above: Chief Electoral Officer Greg Essensa signs the writs of election for the 41st Provincial General Election with the Lieutenant Governor David Onley and Deputy Chief Electoral Officer Loren Wells.



Elections 101: Voting in Ontario Brochure Available


Elections Ontario has created a brochure containing basic information on voting in Ontario, to help educate new voters about the voting process in Ontario.


The brochure includes information on Ontario’s electoral process, the right to vote and on how to register to vote. There is also information in the brochure about special ballot voting, using assistive voting technology and what happens at the poll on election day. It is an invaluable classroom and public education resource that is proving to be very popular with educators.


Of course, you don’t have to be a teacher to request this brochure: anyone looking for information on educating new voters is welcome to share it. Voting In Ontario is available for download in PDF format(340KB) or contact us if you prefer hard copies or an alternative format.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact info@elections.on.ca for further information