Public Consultation on Alternative Voting Technologies

Since August 2010, Elections Ontario has been reviewing alternative voting technologies.  This includes extensive analysis and research on voting technology solutions with a particular emphasis on internet and telephone voting.  The Chief Electoral Officer will submit a report on this issue to the Legislative Assembly before June 30, 2013.


An important component of this work is the need to engage key stakeholders and to provide a broader opportunity for Ontarians to provide input into this important initiative. 


A public consultation on this issue closed on December 2, 2012. The information provided will assist in evaluating our principles and research conclusions. Key themes from the input will be included in our final report.


You can download a copy of the Network Voting Research Summary to read about our research to date.  (pdf 225KB)

Requests for alternative formats may be made by emailing, by calling 1-888-668-8683, or by TTY at 1-888-292-2312.